To all the women of the world,

If you’ve rejected me, I hate you. If we’re just friends, our friendship is over. If we don’t know each other, I will never offer you mere friendship. The friendship I’ve offered to your sex has been abused too much and for too long. I now spit at the concept. So I offer you two options and two options only: take this dick, or fuck off and die. Spread your legs, or go fall on a knife. Wet my prick, or eat a fucking bullet. In other words, if you don’t want to fuck me, then stay out of my life forever. If you don’t want to fuck me, I honestly couldn’t care less if you died. Those are the only options you get. Those are the only options you deserve.

Damn bro if you gotta stick your dick in something that badly invest in a sex toy or cut a hole in a melon and microwave it for a few seconds

congrats asshole you have one of the worst fucking blogs on tumblr

A-grade example of someone who identifies as a “Nice Guy.”